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Export the name of the database

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:19 am
by Eric
Here is how to Export the name of the database that you presorted when in the Export window:

1. Presort a list and click on the Print Labels button from the Print Presort window.

2. Select “Disk File” instead of “Label Format” from the “Output” popup and click Continue.

3. Select all of the fields you want to Export.

4. Click the “Add User Defined Line to Export” button located under the “Export Fields Attributes” grid.

5. Give the new field any name you want and set it to 30-characters or higher to hold the Database name.

6. In the Expression area, Copy/Paste this expression:

Code: Select all

7. Save the Export map and click Continue to export the data in whatever format you want.