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It's Official: .48 rate for residual First-Class letters

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:52 pm
by Eric
The Postal Regulatory Commission has ended the confusion about the correct rate for residual pieces presented with a presorted First-Class mailing.

The rate for the residual pieces weighing up to two ounces is $0.48, regardless of whether those pieces are all in the one-ounce weight increment, the two-ounce increment, or both.

In its ruling, the PRC stated that
PRC wrote:"The Postal Service's arguments in this docket that its proposed classification language is clarifying in nature ... are not persuasive in light of the unambiguous proposal that was approved in [the rate case filed last fall and implemented last month]. Both the Postal Service's [rate case] Notice and the calculations supplied by the Postal Service in that docket unequivocally reflect the fact that the 48-cent price applies to all residual pieces weighing up to two ounces. ... The revised proposal represents a rate change. ... In conclusion, the Commission finds that the revised proposal is not a minor classification change. Therefore, the revised proposal is denied."