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Canadian Address Validation Codes

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:40 pm
by Terry
Canadian Validation Error Codes

This is a complete list of errors and warning codes that could be attached to a Canadian record when you validate it. These codes are filled into the field called Errno_, just like domestic records' Error and Warning Codes.

The following is a description of the AccuZIP6 Error codes for Canadian addresses:

10I - Complete Street Invalid

10M - Complete Street Missing

11I - Civic # Invalid

11M - Civic # Missing

12I - Civic # suffix Invalid

12M - Civic # suffix Missing

13I - Street Name Invalid

13M - Street Name Missing

14I - Street Type Invalid

14M - Street Type Missing

15I - Street Direction Invalid

15M - Street Direction Missing

16I - Suite Keyword Invalid

16M - Suite Keyword Missing

17I - Suite Identifier Invalid

17M - Suite Identifier Missing

19I - Delivery Info Invalid

19M - Delivery Info Missing

20I - Complete Route Invalid

20M - Complete Route Missing

22I - Route Service Key Invalid

22M - Route Service Key Missing

24I - Route Service ID Invalid

24M - Route Service ID Missing

30I - Complete PO Box Invalid

30M - Complete PO Box Missing

32I - PO Box Keyword Invalid

32M - PO Box Keyword Missing

34I - PO Box/Bag ID Invalid

34M - PO Box/Bag ID Missing

40I - Complete General Delivery Invalid

40M - Complete General Delivery Missing

42I - General Delivery Key Invalid

42M - General Delivery Key Missing

50I - Complete Delivery Inst Invalid

50M - Complete Delivery Inst Missing

52I - Delivery Area Name Invalid

52M - Delivery Area Name Missing

54I - Delivery Type Invalid

54M - Delivery Type Missing

56I - Delivery Qual Invalid

56M - Delivery Qual Missing

60I - Municipality Invalid

60M - Municipality Missing

62I - Province Invalid

62M - Province Missing

64I - Postal Code Invalid

64M - Postal Code Missing

81 - Typo