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Command to use an alternate mailer ID and Service type

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 9:19 am
by Dave
If you would like to use an alternate Mailer ID on mailings that you’re not tracking with AccuTRACE, you can follow the steps below to setup AccuZIP6.

Pull down Edit>Command and create a new command. Name it IMB Non tracking or something that you’ll remember.
In the command statement syntax you will copy/paste the following.

Code: Select all

ON ERROR com_message=message()
alter table alias() add column imailerid_ c(9)
alter table alias() add column iservtype_ c(3)
alter table alias() add column irange_ c(8)
cValue=INPUTBOX("Please enter the 6 or 9 digit mailer ID that you would like to use for this mailing","Enter MID","")
replace all imailerid_ with transform(cValue)
cValue=INPUTBOX("Please enter service type code,  300 for First Class Presort or 702 for Standard Class Presort","Enter Service Type","")
replace all iservtype_ with transform(cValue)
replace all irange_ with allt(str(recno()))
Then go to the IMB setup area under the Additions>AccuTRACE>Intelligent Mail Setup and click on the + next to the First class option.
Modify the option to Use Mailer ID from field, type imailerid_
Modify the option to Use Service Type from field, type iservtype_
Modify the option to Use serial number from field, type irange_

Do the same for Standard Class
Click OK and you’re done.
Now when you are ready to presort, you can run that command from the Edit>Command window prior to the presort option and AccuZIP6 will use the mailer ID , service type and range that you entered instead of the AccuTRACE provided one.
NOTE: Make sure to uncheck the option to upload to AccuTRACE in the print settings screen.