Creating accurate maildat files in AccuZIP6

Information regarding the mail.dat electronic reports for PostalOne! add-on module for AccuZIP6.

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Creating accurate maildat files in AccuZIP6

Post by Eric » Tue Jul 06, 2010 11:13 am

To generate all of the required data and update the Mail.dat files, you must:

1. When the Presort finishes, and you are in the Print Presort window, click Tags (check Intelligent Mail Barcode), then Print to PDF or your printer.
2. Click Reports and print the Qualification Report and Mailing Statement (minimum) to a PDF or to your printer. Make sure to not remove the date in the mailing statement setup window.
3. Click Labels, choose Disk File (under the Output drop down), check the Intelligent Mail box and click Continue. When the Export window appears, close it.

These steps tell AccuZIP6 5.0 that you are ready to use the IM Barcode Serial Numbers and adds this information to the Mail.dat files.

This way you can presort the list as often as you want and no IM Barcode Serial Numbers will be used until you actually print the Tags, Reports and Labels.
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