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PostalOne Error: MPU-1115

Posted: Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:07 am
by Eric
[Error 7027]
A First Class Postage statement failed to account for all pieces. Expected: xxx, mapped: 0. For Postage Statement Seq. Id: xxx, no postage rate was found for this combination of inputs: Seg Id: 0001, Cpt Class: 1, Ctr Status: R, Postg Grouping Id: , Mailing Date: 03/31/2015 00:00:00, Customer Ref Id: , Fed Agency Cost Code: , Permit Number: xxxx, Permit Zip: xxxxxxxxx, Postage Payment Method: P, Permit Type: PI, Finance Number:xxxxxx, Process Category: FL, Rate Type: R, Mpu Class: 1, Rate Schedule: , Rate Cat: N, CQT Zone: N, Number of Pieces: xxxx.

The error occurred because the MPU Surcharge (MPU-1115) is populated with R which is not valid with the following combination of inputs:

Rate Type = R (.mpu 88-89, .cpt 81-82)
Postage Payment Method = P (.mpa 140)
Processing Category = FL (.mpu 91-92, .cpt 83-84)
Rate Category = N (.cqt 35-36)
MPU Surcharge = R (.mpu 96)