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PostalOne error: HDR-1154

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2014 3:24 pm
by Eric
The error you’re getting: Mail.dat Presentation Category is a required field in the .hdr file. The .hdr Mail.dat Presentation Category value provided was S; it must contain M = MLOCR, P = Conventional Presort, N = Single Piece, C = Consolidated Internal Copal job with MLOCR and Conventional Presort or E = Consolidated External Copal Job with MLOCR and Conventional Presort.

How to fix it: Open your presort folder then open the maildat.hdr file in Notepad. Search for the words AccuZIP Inc. Right before AccuZIP Inc you’ll see the letter S. Change the S to a P.

As of version 5.07.19, this issue has not been fixed. This PostalOne error began occurring the day the new production client was released.

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 12:45 pm
by Eric
Version 5.07.35 fixes this issue (build 32)