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How to fix an Excel file with returns in the address cell

Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 8:26 am
by Eric
To fix your excel file, you’ll have to export it out of Excel as a tab delimited text file and open that file in Word. You’ll use Word to remove the excess returns.

Open the file in Excel and add a new column after the final field in your list, and fill that field with five tildes (~~~~~) like this:


Save the file as text (tab delimited).

Open the text file in Word.
Pull down the File menu to Save As. Choose Plain Text.
Choose MS-DOS encoding. Hit Save. Close the file.
Open the text file again in Word.
In Word, replace a return (^p) with a space. Click Replace All.


Finally, replace ~~~~~ with a return (^p)


Close the file and click Yes to save the changes.

Now that text file can be opened in AccuZIP6 with File > Open List.